About Us

Share experiences without speaking
Show what you have seen without seeing pictures
Feel emotions without being there
Taste without tasting
Smell – realize – experience


In 2020, SOÈM was founded as a high-quality European brand in Hamburg.

SOÈM is an acronym for „Symbiose of Essence Molecules“. A symbiosis of naturalness and creativity composes the finest essences of precious molecules into something unique and unforgettable.

SOÈM stands not only for value, love of detail and individuality, but above all for itself.

SOÈM’s vision is androgynous and diverse, creating spaces for unforgettable and unique fragrance experiences. Like the memory of past dreams and visions, the fragrance transcends the boundaries of space and time and invites a playful approach to one’s own identity.

Thanks to the careful selection of countless subtle components that harmonize with each other, SOÈM can neither be defined nor limited.Before its actual realization, SOÈM itself was a vision for many years.

The exciting journey began in 2017 with the opening fragrance OUD BLANC.

Memories of times spent in Marrakech served as the main inspiration for this extraordinary fragrance.

The diversity of impressions and experiences of sensual perceptions is captured in the 20% dosage of an „Extrait de Parfum“ and thus intensely perceptible for everyone.

Telling what you have experienced without speaking. Showing what is seen, without seeing pictures. Feel the emotions without being there.

The composition of the natural and most precious raw materials of the perfume world, such as amber, oud and patchouli as essential notes, archives the memories and moments in a synthesis with other fine essences, such as sandalwood or musk.

The design, formula and overall message of the products were conceived and balanced into a holistic whole.

The clean, minimalist design focuses on the essential – the fragrance experience.

Preconceptions and expectations are reduced to a minimum so that the full concentration lies in the conscious perception of the olfactory moment itself.